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12th August 2014

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True love

True love

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3rd April 2013

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18th February 2013

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Minami-ke, keepin’ it classy with properly apportioned body parts.

Minami-ke, keepin’ it classy with properly apportioned body parts.

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6th February 2013

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1st February 2013

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2nd January 2013

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1st December 2012


I’m copying redball and taking parts of my recent twitter mentions out of context.

"Because killing people makes you sad" —- Foshiizzel

"Well you don’t really want to sound pretentious" —- Inushinde

"is funny at times… for a lewd old guy" —- Prede

"a bit fishy" —- JoeAnimated

"a retard" —- Mushyrulez

"working for an evil corp" —- Avvesione

"whoa whoa… that’s crazy talk" —- Marthaurion

"Do not want to talk to you whilst doing ‘business’" —- Kimagure

"you should write a paper on how anime blogging benefits research paper bullshitting in the long run." —- Eric

"true Internet hero" —- uncreativecat

"I got Suguha hentai" —- MrFlawfinder

"I’ll have a double NTR with extra cheese" —- Owen

"Maybe over time she just got too used to taking Kirito’s sword that others didn’t match up." —- Yerocha

"I await my forty four haremettes" —- Anya

"Dragg(le)ing Myself Across The Ocean Floor" —- John Sato

15th November 2012

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29th February 2012

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10th January 2012

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